About Us

Our Story

My names Dani and I'm the mum of Nova and the owner of Paws to Earth.

I started Paws to Earth with one goal in mind, to make unique pet tags that you couldn't find anywhere else and that's exactly what we have done.

Who knew an obsession for my fur baby would combine my passion for pets and art and completely change my life.

Our Mission

At Paws to Earth we specialise in fun and unique handmade pet tags. It's not just about the aesthetic though, we will be there for all your adventures.

That's not the only things we care about though. The product is only half the story. We are all about being yourself, having fun and spreading positivity, after all it doesn't hurt to be nice. If there is one thing that I say the most it would be,


"You Do You"

All it really means is be yourself! 

Dani & Nova