Can I add a number to the back?

We are experimenting which way is the best for putting a phone number on the back of a name tag. So, yes we can put your phone number on the back of a name tag. We ask that you understand that this is in the experimental stage, and although we will ensure the front of your tag is to are usual high standard, the phone number on the back may not be the best quality. If it is quality you are after, we recommend adding a number tag to your order. Please note that with the number tags we can not put anything on the back as the clay ends up becoming too thin.

Are you eco-friendly?

We make every effort to source eco-friendly supplies and services. All of our packaging is eco friendly, our courier providers are carbon neutral and we are minimizing our pawprint on the planet.

Do you ship world wide?

Heck Yes, we ship world wide!

Can I be an ambassador?

If you are interested in joining the pack make sure you are following us on IG. This is where we will announce new ambassador searches. We will occasional select a new pack member throughout the year (without a search), that catches our eye. You can do this by posting in our products, commenting and liking our posts.

How long till my order ships?

All tags are made to order, so have a processing time of 2.5 weeks.

How do I care for my clay tag?


Our tags are designed to last so there is only 2 things you will need to do.

1. Make sure that little teeth can't get to it. Our tags unfortunately aren't strong enough to with stand the strength of your fur babies teeth.

2. To make sure that your tag stays bright and beautiful, we recommend to wash it with lukewarm water and soap. Never use an alcohol based cleaner on your tag as this will eat away at it.