More Than 30 Colours

Now that's a lot of colours


We understand that it can be pretty overwhelming trying to select the perfect colours. So we have decided to share some of our favorite combinations so far.

Be My Valentine

Your fur baby can now join in on the chocolatey goodness of valentines day with this chocolate valentines colour palette.

Base - White

Rainbows - Blush, Peach, Tan, Brown & Light Brown


Down To Earth

If you are all about earthy vibes, than this is the palette for you. No need to go rolling in the dirt now anymore

Base - White

Terrazzo - Sand, Eucalyptus, Terracotta & Tan

Keep It Cool

Soft, relaxing and fresh just like a cool cucumber. If your more about the relaxing lifestyle with a hint luxury, you now have the look.

Base - White

Rainbows - Grey, Peach, Eucalyptus, Mist & Blush


Healthy Greens

Don't like to eat your greens? Why not wear them instead. Trust us, you will like this palette way more than broccoli.

Top to Bottom - White, Mint, Teal & Eucalyptus

Pastel Pasture

Keep calm with our pastel palette and enjoy life. Add a touch of colour to your life all while keeping calm and relaxed.

Base - Nude

Terrazzo - Lemon, Lavender, Mist, Blush & White


Sweet Tooth

You know that you are just too sweet for anyone to resist saying no to. Show off that you are the apple of you pawrents eye, with this palette.

Base - Nude

Rainbows - Mint, Peach, Terracotta and Tangerine

Pineapple Bliss

Sweet, sour and juicy. You may not show it but we can all be a little bit sweet and a little bit sour, but deep down you enjoy life .

Base - Nude

Terrazzo - Mint, Denim, Royal Blue, Tangerine & White 


Mangrove Cove

Do you ever wish you could live amongst the ocean and trees at the same time. You finally can with this green ocean palette.

Base - White

Terrazzo - Sand, Sage, Brick & Navy

Tropical Punch

Make a statement with this fruity palette. Sweet, juicy and a little bit unique.

Base - Mint

Terrazzo - Granite, Tangerine, Navy and sage


Lemon, Lime Splash

Make a statement with this sour colour palette. A little lemon and a whole lot of lime, what more could you want

Base - Lime

Petals - White

Centre - Lemon

Volcanic Ash

Immerse yourself into this adventurous colour palette. Perfect for that special guy you have in your life. 

Base - White

Terrazzo - Granite, Cement, Navy & Terracotta

Spring Dreaming

Don't let the weather get you down. Shine your true colours with this spring colour palette.

Base - Nude

Squiggles - Honey, Papaya & Salmon


Let your inner child come out with this fun and bright colour palette.

Base - White

Spots - Sunflower, Mint, Lavender & Mauve


If you are after a moody yet elegant colour palette, this is the one for you. Watch the leaved change colours and start to fall.

Base - Nude

Leaves - Honey, Pumpkin & Maroon

Chocolate Delight

Chocolate! Can anyone really resist this smooth chocolatey palette?

Base - White

Rainbows - Sand, Tan, Light Brown & Brown


This beautiful blue beach colour palette is perfect for those beach boys ou there.

Base - White

Terrazzo - Sand, Mist, Teal, Denim, Navy