• Stand out from the pack with our clay tags. Durable, lightweight and unique... what more could you ask for? 2 heavy duty split rings so you can wear your tag proudly on every adventure, beach trip and play date. That's right, they are water proof pooches. 

    Tandem with your fur baby with the tandem key ring and tag package. 

    Please note: The tag size you chose will change how to bottom crescent looks. Regular size is shown.

    Tandem Bundle - Beach, Please!

    • Due to the hand made nature of these tags meausurements may vary slightly.

      Mini - 24mm x 3mm

      Regular - 31mm x 3mm

      Oversized - 37mm x 3mm

    • So more of the design shows on the keyring the name tag will look exctly like the picture and then the keyring will have the colours in reverse so you still have some gradient on the keyring. So the colour at the top of the name tag will be at the bottom of the keyring and gradient to the next colour.

    We are experimenting which way is the best for putting a phone number on the back. So, yes we can put your phone number on the back of a name tag. We ask that you understand that this is in the experimental stage, and although we will ensure the front of your tag is to are usual high standard, the phone number on the back may not be the best quality. If it is quality you are after, we recommend adding a number tag to your order

    Adding A Phone Number